Carrier Insurance is the protection offered directly from the carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) that will offset the cost of a lost package. Note that each carrier has its own set of requirements and guidelines that can be found on their respective websites. Carrier insurance will be automatically selected if you choose to insure your non-perishable goods. Perishable items are not covered by carrier insurance.

Protection plan is the protection offered by ShipOn to cover perishable items. It will cover up to $500 but is limited to the market value of the shipment. This is determined by the invoice, packing slip, or market reference. We only offer this plan for Priority Overnight Shipments.

Perishable goods are products that need to be contained in a controlled environment to preserve the said product. If the environment is disturbed the goods are susceptible to damage. This can include but is not limited to fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, plants, food or live animals. 

Non-perishable goods do not require a controlled environment. Your package’s content(s) should have long shelf lives and should be able to withstand prolonged storage. 

Protection Plan Terms

Max Coverage: $500 Per Package 

  • Limited to market value of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, plants, food or live animals. 

    • Required Verification via invoice, packing slip, or market reference.

  •   You will receive a refund of the coverage amount & shipping cost.


  • The ShipOn Protection Plan is only available for Priority Overnight Service.

    • All perishable items should be shipped overnight Monday - Thursday. Overnight packages shipped on Friday do not get delivered till Monday which is not accepted for coverage.

  • Coverage applies only if shipment delivery is late.

    • Guaranteed time of delivery is as defined by carriers at the time of shipment.

    • The responsibility falls on the shipper for on-time deliveries.

    • Packages held for pick up are considered delivered when they are available for pickup not when the customer actually picks the package up.

    • Protection plan premium is not refundable.

    • Payout is not automated, The purchaser of the label must file a claim.

  • Must-Follow ShipOn ‘s requirements.

    • Failure to follow will invalidate the coverage.

  • Must utilize a triple container.

    • Container/ fish bag.

    • Insulating foam container (3mil thickness liner).

    • cardboard box.

  • Boxes are adequately sealed and labels need to be clear and legible.


Creating A Claim

  • Late delivery claims:

    • File claim within 7 days of delivery. 

      • Include: tracking number, order number.

      • Open a ticket on your shipment detail page.

  • Non-perishable claims:

    • Must have Carrier insurance.

    • File claim within 7 days of delivery. 

      • Include: tracking number, order number.

      • Open a ticket on your shipment detail page.

      • Picture before/after of the package (6 sides).

      • Maximum payout is up to the insured amount of the package but limited to the market value of the package. This is determined by the invoice, packing slip, or market reference.

  • Perishable claims: 

    • Must have a ShipOn Protection Plan.

    • Shipment meets all ShipOn ‘s requirements.

    • Live animals have to be kept frozen until the claim is resolved 

      • Actual contents need to be available in case representative requests (Claim will be void if you are not able to).

    • File claim within 4 Hours of delivery by Shipper.

      • Needs to include: 

        • Proof of damages via pictures and/or video. 

          • Must be taken before unbagging

            • Photos/video should be taken before unbagging.

          • Clearly show the state of the animal in question.

          • If you unpack and place the animal in a secondary container whether it was for acclimation or other reason, the protection plan and liability will be void. 

        • Proof of appropriate packaging via pictures and/or video.

          • All packaging material.

          • Legible label.

          • Condition of the box (outer).

          • Box insulation (inner).

          • The heat/cold packs.

          • Double water bags. 

        • Invoice, packing slip, or itemized packing list. 

        • As much information you can give about the circumstances.

      • Open a ticket on your shipment detail page.

Common mistakes that will terminate your Protection Plan for live animals:

  • Heat packs & hand/foot warmers.

    • Active less than 40 Hours.

    • More than 1 in packages smaller than 5000 cubic inches size. Boxes bigger than 5000 cubic inches may include up to 2 heat packs.

    • Heat pack is placed inappropriately: at bottom of the box, directly touching the living organism or the container, facing the wrong way.

  • Improper ventilation.

  • Fish/coral: failure to double-bag.

  • Insulation: half-inch or less.

  • Boxes:

    • Made of thin cardboard.

    • Amazon, US Postal, FedEx/UPS branded, torn-up, or non-standard boxes.

  • Non-compliance with ShipOn’s requirements.

  • Shipping animals that are disallowed.

Circumstances that Protection Plan will not pay:

  • Protection plan not purchased at time of ordering label.

  • Package delivery was on time.

  • Package not able to be delivered at the first attempt.

  • The package was shipped with the wrong address on the label.

  • Shippers drop off the package during severe weather, holiday seasons, or other situations where the chance of delay is significant (as defined by carriers).

  • Package not shipped with Priority Overnight Service.

  • Failure to follow our claim procedures.